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José L. Ferrer Ramonell founded in 1931, in Binissalem, the winery that today bears his name and which are still held by the family. Currently these hands belonging to the 3rd and 4th generation, make the same efforts in the work of the vineyard and in the constant and quiet reflection about their wines. 120 hectares of vineyards of including native and foreign varieties carefully cultivated.

Local grape varieties, the black ones Mantonegro and Callet and the white Moll, with their exceptional characteristics and quality, provide a strong personality and an exquisite Mediterranean bouquet to the wines. These, in perfect balance with international varieties, express a new way of understanding and drinking wine.

In the winery, where tradition and the latest technologies are perfectly combined, wines are produced in wood, cement and stainless steel tanks. The ageing takes place in the carefully selected two thousand barrels of American and French oak, settled in the underground cellar of the winery, subsequently refined  in the bottle.

Bodegas José L. Ferrer produces  a wide range of Red Wines, from young  wines to Gran Reserva, high quality Rosé and White Wines (with and without wood), Brut Nature (Sparkling Wine), Sweet and Organic Wines.

Visit Bodegas José L. Ferrer and discover the wine shop and its Mallorcan products, explore the museum and tour the winery to discover how wine is made and the world that surrounds it.

Tour hours: Mondays to Fridays 11h. and 16.30h. and Saturdays 11h.

(April –October)Mondays to Fridays 11h. and 16.30h. (November-March)


Wine Shop. Mondays to Fridays 10h-19h. Saturdays 10h-18h. Sundays 10h-14h.

(April –October) Mondays to Fridays 10h-19h. Saturdays 10h-14h. (November-March)


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